Lil' Blader
Goes to the
and learns about
the ocean
Lil' Blader
Visits Museums
of the World
and learns about master
Lil' Blader
Visits the 

and learns about
Lil' Blader
Visits a
Horse Farm
in Ocala
and learns about horses
Lil' Blader Attends a
Mad Hatters Tea Party
and learns manners
artistic inspiration
The stories of the
Lil' Blader books were written by
Grit Weinstein

after the idea of
Nilda Comas
who is responsible for the art parts of
the books, too.

Grit Weinstein is also the author of
the book series
'Lollopy and Friends'.
For more information see: www.lollopyand
Grit Weinstein


Lil' Blader Books - This is a series of 5 educational
art work books which narrate the adventures of Lil' Blader.

Lil' Blader represents a sassy curious 6 year old girl on skates who wants to learn about the world to find inspiration for
her artwork.  She is a young artist.

Lil' Blader Adventure Books are available for sale at
The Legacy Art Studio
and are included with the childrens
Lil' Blader workshops.  They sell for $15 each or $50 for the whole series of five.

Lil' Blader Books