The goal of this workshop is
that children learn and practise
good manners
while making art
and having fun.
The children must come dressed in their best. They will wear aprons when working on messy projects but the rest of the time will be encouraged to move around and feel comfortable "dressed up".
The children will be given 10 words from the language of art. The children will be busy getting ready for the "Tea Party."
They will design their own  place mat to be taken home and used again and again. They will trace on the place mat the correct placement of eating utensils (The place mats will be covered with permanent plastic). These place mats should be very personal and children may use crayons, markers or
tempera when decorating them.
Children will make their own tea pot made out of clay which will be fired later when dry.
We will have 2 visitors to this party, the "Mad Hatter" and Alice which will join the children and talk about good manners and bad manners. They will act out both good manners and bad manners in a funny way for children to have fun while learning to use their eating utensils correctly, they will also learn not only about table manners but about behavior and themes for conversation that may or may not be brought up while at the table.
After this project, children will set the table and 
take turns being host and hostess.  The "little gentlemen" will help with the chairs for the "little ladies" to sit properly. They will pour their own tea correctly for each other and serve tea sandwiches, sconces, cream, sugar, small biscuits, and cakes. 
artistic inspiration
Mad Hatters Tea Party is an ongoing 10AM - 1PM
Saturday class -
not a 5 day workshop.
It may also be a birthday party
When the party is over children will take their place mats with them
and say goodbye to all the guests and write a small note to
the host and hostess thanking them.

Lil' Blader Workshop - Mad Hatters Tea Party